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Fleet Foxes and Uwade Perform in Minneapolis

Indie folk band, Fleet Foxes, hosted a lovely evening at a very sold out First Avenue in Minneapolis on the 4th of July. The band is currently touring an uncharacteristically intimate Shore Tour in venues a quarter of the size of their usual stature. Though the Fleet Foxes don’t seem large based on their Spotify listener count, over the last fifteen years the band has released an incredibly influential discography and built a fanbase that will follow them anywhere. 

Uwade, a Nigerian based artist featured on Fleet Foxes’ most recent album, Shore, opened the evening. Incredibly talented and personable, Uwade delivered a set void of any setlist and followed the music wherever it took her. She definitely garnered some new fans here in Minneapolis and I would recommend checking her out if you enjoy the indie folk genre. 

As Fleet Foxes took the stage you could feel the joy in the room increase tenfold. The barricade watched in awe as Uwade joined the band for their opening song, “Wading in Waist-High Water”, one of three tracks the Nigerian artist is featured in on Shore. The setlist was filled with a mix of songs old and new and made for the perfect evening for fans of any stature. It’s been two years now since the double release of Shore and A Very Lonely Solstice back in 2021, so I would guess we can expect some new music soon! The band still has a few stops left on this incredible and intimate tour. If you have yet to catch them, definitely make the trip. 


Fleet Foxes

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