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Four Chord Musical Festival Day 2: Photo Gallery & Review

Photos and words by Angelo Joseph and Shelby Price.

Four Chord Festival expanded into a two-day pop punk jammed weekend full of festivities, drinks, and killer music for 2022. Although the sun was out and the humidity was high, it didn’t stop music lovers from traveling all over the United States to join together and see some of their favorite bands. With music ranging from The Descendants to State Champs, all pop-punk and rock lovers were in for a treat. It was really cool getting to see the age range of the crowd and the differences between the two days. On top of the kick ass line up, there were so many local vendors and foods to check out throughout the day. You could even get a tattoo in the middle of the festival if you wanted!

Saturday kicked off with Look Out Loretta, Cherie Amour, and Patent Pending. Now I [Shelby] have to say Patent Pending really stole the show. Their energy was unlike any band I’ve ever seen so I definitely want to give them props for how much they connect with the fans. And although Friday was a ton of fun, you can’t deny that Saturday’s line up was stacked full of insane bands. From The Maine, State Champs, to headliners Jimmy Eat World. The amount of crowd surfers and mosh pits really took me back to the Warped Tour feeling of being exhausted but having the time of your life.

Two bands that I [Angelo] enjoyed seeing on Day 2 were also Cherie Amour and Patent Pending.

Cherie Amour was easily a fan favorite over Four Chord weekend. Cherie Amour, signed with Equal Vision Records, is a nu-punk band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. You might have heard of an earlier version of the band called One Life To Lead, but the band rebranded as Cherie Amour to better encapsulate their evolving music style. Trey Miller, the band’s lead singer, is a natural born entertainer with an incredible stage presence. This band has everything you need to have a good time. If you were to take only 10 minutes of your time to give Cherie Amour a chance, you should start with “Love’s Not Your Thing”, “Sin City”, and “A Beautiful Mess, A Perfect Disaster.” Later this year Cherie Amour will be on the road with In Her Own Words and Capstan. The tour starts mid November and I would not miss the opportunity to experience their music live if given the opportunity again. To keep up with all things Cherie Amour, you can find them on both Instagram and Twitter under @cherieamourband

Cherie Amour

Patent Pending might’ve had the most energetic set from the action-packed weekend. Joe Ragosta, Patent Pending’s frontman, is the human embodiment of a Monster Energy drink. From endless stage jumps to crowd surfing, the audience never knew what to expect next from Joe. Patent Pending knows what a crowd wants out of a live performance and they know how to deliver. Patent Pending doesn’t play live shows very often anymore but they do make sure to play Four Chord every year and deliver a year’s worth of energy in one set. They’re one of those bands who you just have to experience live to fully appreciate all they have to offer but if you were to check out their music I’d have to recommend “Punk Rock Songs”, “Hey Mario”, and “Wobble” featuring Awsten Knight. Full warning, Patent Pending isn’t the type of band you want to listen to unless you want to start moving. They’re so fun you can’t help but bob your head along and let the music take over.

Patent Pending

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View more photos of day one below & view our day one coverage of the festival here.


Eternal Boy

Games We Play

Look Out Loretta

Mom Jeans

Set It Off

State Champs

The Maine

The Starting Line

The Story So Far

Other Festival Fun

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