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Knocked Loose Visits Roseland Theater

One of my favorite lineups I’ve ever seen rolled through Portland on May 15. Consisting of Knocked Loose, Loathe, Show Me the Body, and Speed. Before the show started, the members of Knocked Loose went to a listening party at a local market. The flyer for the event originally said that the band members weren’t going to be there and that it would just be a celebration for their new album, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To released May 10. To everyone’s surprise, they showed up for a little to talk to fans and take pictures. Before the show they also hid two tickets to show in downtown Portland. They’ve hid tickets for multiple shows on this tour an hour or two before doors.

The show started with a band called Speed, an Australia-based hardcore band. They got everyone going and didn’t miss a beat. Each member put in all their energy for the show and the audience could tell. The next band up was Show Me the Body. At first I thought there was some sort of technical issue with the lights, but they performed their first song in near complete darkness which put everyone at the edge of their seats. The overhead lights came on and they completed the rest of their set. This was my first time hearing this band, and it was amazing. They even played a banjo with guitar effects, which was really interesting. 

Loathe was the second to last band, and instead of using a fog machine, they burned incense which set the mood for their music. This was also my first time listening to this band and they are probably one of my favorite bands now. When Knocked Loose went on stage, everyone got prepared to be in one of the most intense pits they’ve ever been in. They played older more classic songs like “Counting Worms” as well as “Billy No Mates,” along with their new songs from their new album. They closed the show with “Everything Is Quiet Now,” which is my personal favorite. I had to set down my camera and mosh at least once to this one. 


Show Me the Body


Knocked Loose

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