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Las Vegas’ Vibrant Growing Music Scene & More

Amid the bright skyline and glowing nightlife of the entertainment capital of the world, the Las Vegas music scene is a dynamic tapestry of diverse sounds and eclectic talents. Beyond the glitz and glamor of the famous Strip, this city holds a thriving underground music culture that pulses with energy and innovation. From intimate house shows to warehouse moshing, Las Vegas offers a spectrum of musical experiences that cater to every musical palate.

Style Cramps by @kushhner on IG

Within Las Vegas, private companies/collectives accommodate locals with various forms of music tastes, ranging from hardcore, metal, to indie-folk, to bedroom-pop. Though there is not much help from the city to support local and independent artists, these companies help keep the underground music scene alive, with assistance from fans and avid music-enjoyers. Notable organizations include Hellhouse Productions, Blackpath Booking, and Upryse Productions.

Artists that aspire to success in Vegas perform and host at smaller gatherings and venues that are often located off the Strip. The journey has been difficult, but those who have made their “start” in the scene are incredibly appreciative of having done so.

Segments of interviews held with local artists revolving around the scene including Elijah Stone (@officialelijahstone), dinaseclipse (@dinaseclipses), Style Cramps (@style_cramps), and Efrem Francis (@efremfrancis) are below.

Elijah Stone by @papasecchio on IG

How did you get your start in the music scene in Vegas?

“As soon as I turned 18 I was going to every open mic I could find. [I was] trying my best to perform every chance I could, especially networking with everyone involved with the events,” 23-year-old indie musician Elijah Stone voiced.

“I started off in the music scene in Vegas through people locally who supported my music. I usually stay home but I started making more connections the more I made music which led to me working with other artists out here and sharing our creative talents with each other.” 21-year-old alternative musician dinaseclipse said.

“We’ve been messing around with music together for a few years, but last year we decided to start a more serious project. We made a handful of songs for Style Cramps, gathered a few of our friends to play the songs with us, and have been grateful to play shows around Las Vegas the last few months,” Vegas post-punk band Style Cramps spoke.

“During my years in college I would do open mics in bars and coffee shops around the city. I also formed my first band with my friends from high school and played a bunch of venues downtown. So many great memories!” 30-year-old alternative musician Efrem Francis explained.

While these musicians are ecstatic to continue their music career rooted in the town of Las Vegas, scene culture cannot always be perfect. From the pulsating beats of unconventional music genres to the amusing fashion showcases and the skillful artistry of local DJs, the underground scene is a rich array of creativity. However, despite the vibrant tapestry woven by these local artists, there’s a notable disparity in support when it comes to events.

dinaseclipse @kushhner on IG

Is there anything you think should change in the scene, whether it be the fans, the outreach, or just having your voice heard?

“I believe there needs to be more support between artists. There is a lot of ego and unfriendly competition, and I really do think we need to support each other more as fellow creative beings chasing our dreams.” Stone commented.

“Everyone should loosen up. Life’s short; you’re not gonna have fun standing on the wall, trying to look cool. You’re at a show, dance.” dinaseclipse expressed.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how cool a music scene there is in Vegas, just hope the good times keep rolling!” Style Cramps stated.

“The Vegas scene could use some help with outreach, for sure. The community is super supportive but the opportunities for local artists are slim. I would love to see more local acts opening up for bigger artists either in the city or on tour,” Francis said.

Vegas’ underground music community, as well as other local scenes around the country, serve as essential breeding grounds for native talent. They offer venues for musicians to interact, work together, and perform, encouraging artistic development and visibility. These settings provide an environment where creatives can experiment freely and get criticism from all fans and show-attendees. Underground scenes provide musicians the freedom to make genuine, original music by providing an alternative to demands from the mainstream. Continuing to support local and underground scenes is what keeps the music in any city going.

Upcoming projects/releases from the featured artists are below!

“I have a ton of new projects coming with friends all across the scene, as well as some bigger projects coming on a slightly more global scale coming hopefully over the next year or so!” Stone explained.

“I don’t have any projects with anyone in Vegas, more out of city, but I have a couple songs releasing with other artists out here like Blamzz, Rippy, and Sxarlet.” dinaseclipse mentioned.

“Not currently, but we would be more than happy to work with other aspiring artists. One thing we always wanted to do when Style Cramps started was to always leave it open to collaboration, innovation, and just creative freedom. We never want to put ourselves into a box.” Style Cramps noted.

“There are a few Vegas artists I’m excited to be working with! I played guitar on some Asaiah Ziv tracks off his new album (release date TBD) and I’m working on a collaboration EP with Marv-Inn (aka rawdawgtreats) dropping early 2024,” Francis ended.

Take a listen to a playlist we made below!

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