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Must Listens Of Spring 2024

The team members of For The Punks took the time to compile a list of musicians and bands that you should be listening to this snowy winter season! There are 17 artists on our list! Read through to the end to find a Spotify playlist with all of our recommended songs. We hope you will take the chance to discover your next favorite artist!

by Emma OBei

1. Stand Still

Recommend songs: “Steps Ascending,” “Id,” and “Mysticism”

Long Island, New York has been a home to melodic hardcore for a long time, citing acts including The Movielife, Silent Majority, and Crime In Stereo as forebears. For the past few years, a myriad of bands have come along to carry on the sound and Stand Still proves to be one of the most exciting of the new wave, especially in 2024.

Formed in 2020, Stand Still launched with their EP, A Practice In Patience, in 2021. The band followed it up with their second EP, In A Moment’s Notice in 2022. Recently, the band released two singles, including “Steps Ascending,” which you can listen to below.

2. Bendigo Fletcher

Recommend songs: “Upcountry Lemonade,” “Evergreen,” and “Astro Pup”

Mae Saunders suggested Bendigo Fletcher, the perfect blend of indie folk and rock; perfect for the spring. They just released their newest single, “Upcountry Lemonade”, in preparation for their first new album release since 2021, Two Things At Once, on March 22. I definitely recommend Bendigo Fletcher for fans of Big Thief, Mt. Joy, Caamp, and Adrianne Lenker.

3. renforshort

Recommend songs: “Julien, King of Manhattan,” “Moshpit,” and “Serpentine”

Suggested by Emma Rose is renforshort. “I’ve been listening to renforshort since I graduated high school (around 2021). Her music perfectly represents angst, heartbreak, self discovery and an overall feeling of growing up. I appreciate how genuine she is and how every lyric packs a punch. Two works that I absolutely love and go back to constantly are dear amelia, her debut album, and “teenage angst EP” which includes the smash hit “I drive me mad” and one of my favorite songs “new way?”

She also has no bounds in terms of sound, often blending together acoustic and electronic sounds, which can be seen on tracks like “love is stoopid” and “we’ll make this ok.” Altogether, renforshort is an amazing artist that creates quality music. On February 9, 2024, she released a song called “Serpentine” which is absolutely stellar!

I 110% recommend getting renforshort on your radar if you’re looking for a new indie pop artist to get into!”

4. Tristan

Recommend songs: “tough subject,” “keep that to yourself,” and “BIG BABY!”

Emma Agosta shared, “she writes all her own songs and is blowing up on TikTok! Her voice is incredible.”

5. Fontaines D.C.

Recommend songs: “Jackie Down The Line,” “Roman Holiday,” and “Sha Sha Sha”

“Give it a couple of years and Fontaines D.C. might be the next alternative band ruling the world. Their sound consists of a dark but soft post punk with a mixture of alternative rock. Their concept is one that probably you haven’t seen in a while. Messy and harmonic,” shared Lilith.

6. Kerosene Heights

Recommend songs: “Salty Eyes,” “Otis,” and “Mission Valley Shopping Center”

“Kerosene Heights put out one of my favorite albums last year, Southeast of Somewhere, and they deserve all the love from anyone looking for a new emo obsession,” Miranda Jayne said.

7. Alpha Wolf

Recommend songs: “Sucks 2 Suck,” “Akaduma,” and “Creep”

Bridget said, “They’re a super cool “metalcore” band from Australia! If you are looking for some hardcore screaming with great lyrics and groovy tunes, they’re the ones for you!”

8. Cheem

Recommend songs: “Charm Bracelet,” “Fake Fans,” and “Mango”

Cheem is your next new favorite band, we promise. They are nu-pop band from New England that does an amazing job of blending various sounds, finding something for everyone to enjoy. From new songs, a new EP called Fast Fashion releasing on March 29 via Lonely Ghost Records, and a very consistent touring schedule, this band is one you don’t want to miss out on. Even if the sound isn’t for you, they’re an amazing group of people that should have your support. 2024 is the year of Cheem.

9. Jimmy Montague

Recommend songs: “All The Same,” “Only One For Me,” “Tell You That You’re Right”

Jimmy Montague’s new album Tomorrow’s Coffee is a unique and delightful addition to this spring’s musical landscape. Its 70s-inspired melodies, subtle vocals, warm guitar solos, and catchy horn arrangements make it the perfect cozy companion for those early walks in the still-brisk morning air.

10. Madelline

Recommend songs: “dopamine,” “D E a D,” and “Participation Trophies”

Janet shared, “I discovered Madelline through TikTok when I came across the French version of her song dopamine and have been obsessed with her ever since. Her honest and relatable lyrics combined with catchy beats definitely make her one to watch.”

11. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Recommend songs: “We Need More Skulls,” and “Rage Against The Dying Of The Light”

“Their music feels like a soft embrace on your soul. Deep themes combined with music that feels like lying in the sun in the middle of a forest. Plus nature as a present subject, which is perfect for spring when everything comes back to life!” Luna said.

12. Modern Moxie

Recommend songs: “Live A Fantasy,” “Big Wave,” and “’Til I’m A Ghost”

Bethany shared, “Modern Moxie has a way of making you connect with yourself through their music, while exploring themes such as connecting with your inner child, and they do so in such a dreamy way. Also, the steps the band takes in creating such relatable and powerful music is inspiring.”

13. Devon Thompson

Recommend songs: “Napoleon,” “I Love You But it Hurts Like Hell,” and “Poison Me”

Emma Rose suggested Devon Thompson, a Los Angeles native alternative rock artist, who is making waves in the music industry with her genre-bending blend of retro and modern sounds. Her music stands out as a breath of fresh air in an industry often characterized by stale and repetitive themes. With a unique approach to songwriting and storytelling, Devon offers listeners an experience that is both refreshing and rewarding to the ears. Beyond her captivating studio recordings, Devon’s live performances are known for their energy and authenticity, further solidifying her reputation as a dynamic and compelling artist. Whether in the studio or on stage, Devon Thompson delivers an unforgettable musical journey that captivates audiences and breaks boundaries in the alternative rock scene. “Napoleon” is definitely one of my favorites but “So Close” and “I Love You But it Hurts Like Hell” are close seconds. Highly recommend people to check her out!

14. Wilfred

Recommend songs: “23,” “Cigarette,” “loosen your grip”

Suggested by Haley May is Wilfred. If you’re a fan of Noah Kahan, I’m sure you’ll love Wilfred. Wilfred has a captivating folk sound and raw lyrics. Focusing on meaningful topics such as mental health, his songs make you feel understood and connected through music.

15. The Last Dinner Party

Recommend songs: “Sinner,” “Nothing Matters,” “On Your Side”

Jenny shared, “They are so refreshing, but with a classic feel. Remind me of early Florence + the Machine. The theatricality of their performances is outstanding as well. I think they will be huge this year.”

16. nessa barrett

Recommend songs: “club heaven,” “girl in new york,” “talk to myself”

Emma Agosta shared, “She is so underrated! A lot of people seem to judge TikTokers who got famous and then made music, but she is really finding her sound and you can tell music has been a huge influence for her all her life.”

17. Safari Room

Recommend songs: “Strength to Stand,” “A Promise to No One,” “One Day Here”

On February 23, Safari Room released their third full-length album Time Devours All Things. Safari Room is the indie rock outfit and brainchild of Alec Koukol, now a Nashville based musician.

Safari Room poured their collective heart and souls into this one, which is very clear as you listen to the album. It’s one our must listens this year, even if you don’t get to it this spring.

Listen to these artists on our accompanying Spotify playlist below! Happy Spring and we’ll be back this summer with another list of must listen artists.

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