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Sedona Performs At Songbyrd In D.C. On January 24

Shows in January on the East Coast can definitely be a gamble when it comes to weather. Sedona‘s tour happened to be in Washington, D.C. right after it had snowed twice the previous week. But, regardless of the weather and it being a frigid Sunday evening, Sedona’s fans showed up. The audience was enjoying their evening, which started with a set from Scarlet Rae. Scarlet played the guitar and wowed the audience with her talent.
Next, it was Sedona’s turn. Sedona and her band felt like a good match based on their humor together and their ability to banter on stage. Toward the end of the set, they joked about how their keyboardist, Melody, had to use the restroom and the crowd jokingly chanted “let her pee” which was humorous. 
Sedona’s second to last song was played solo on the keyboard while her band briefly left the stage. She described how all her previously played songs were the “done” songs and this one was an “un-done” song. I thought it was intriguing of her to play an unfinished song as I haven’t heard of many artists bringing projects on stage that haven’t been fully completed. 
Overall, Sedona seemed very down-to-earth and was kind to everyone she interacted with. She said her debut album is in the works and I am eager to know when it will come out! 

Scarlet Rae


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