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The Infinite Lives Of Charlie Burg

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Balanced between beautiful layered vocals and hometown stories, Charlie Burg encapsulates nostalgia in every stage of young-adult life. His debut album Infinitely Tall was released on August 19, 2022.

Photo credit: Angela Ricciardi

Fascinated by the three panels of triptychs in art history, Burg sought to create a trifecta of his own. Burg, who started writing when he was 17, takes the LP across three chapters of his life in the different locations he called home. Though it may be divided into three chapters, all of the songs are beautiful vignettes of their own.

One of the first sounds that will catch listener’s attention is the influence of Blues music infused throughout the whole album, no doubt an influence from Burg’s formative years in Detroit, Michigan. From the wavering guitar in “Chicago (Take It Or Leave It)” to the evocative Blues tempo from “Blue Waves Blues”, Burg has “listened to the classics,” a point that he hopes listeners and fans of his music will take home. Burg’s voice is the perfect cherry-on-top. His swag is palpable and his voice wafts through the songs with a mid-2000’s singer/songwriter influence, like John Mayer or Paolo Nutini. The storytelling in his lyrics beckons the relatable imagery that artists like Coldplay and Taylor Swift convey, two great influences on his work.

In March of 2020, everything shut down; everyone had to remain in isolation. This presented Burg with a unique opportunity to take his sounds and storytelling to the next level. He reflects, “It’s made it more nostalgic, but at the same time it has strengthened my desire to cast aside moments in the past that hold me back.”

Emerging from the depths of the pandemic, venues have opened their doors, reconnecting artists to their fans. Burg is currently taking Infinitely Tall’s stories all over the US and Europe.

“It’s a form of catharsis for me,” says Burg, “Meeting fans in-person makes everything feel a bit more real and honest. And belting into a microphone is legitimately a form of therapy.”

Come say hi to Charlie as he wraps up his tour in North America, now through November 21. Find tickets and show information on his website here.

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