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Australia Garage Rock Band Bag Of Bones Unleash Raw Rock and Roll Energy With “Paid”

Bag Of Bones, a local garage rock band from Perth, Australia just released their new track “Paid”. This is their second release of 2020. The two-piece unleashed their first track of this year back in January which received great praise throughout the local music scene and lead them to sell out their most recent show.

This track brings raw rock and roll energy as the hard hitting drums and guitars scream throughout the whole song which also features incredible and thick vocals from vocalist Lewis Fiaschi. The track only goes for 2 minutes but it packs one hell of a punch with the strong instruments which is bound to be a fan favourite and will certainly be a hit with the crowds at their next show.

The start of the song greets you with hard drums from drummer Josh Cuzens which (unleases) so much energy and we are then met with the heavy fuzzed guitar riffs which explode underneath the gritty vocals. For a two-piece band, these guys are talented for taking simple elements and meshing them into something so raw and with so much energy.

All in all, if you’re looking for a heavy garage rock band that creates catchy and powerful tracks then you definitely need to check out Bag Of Bones. This song is proof that this band will go far in the local music scene with each of their tracks packing more power than the next.

Be sure to connect with Bag Of Bones on social media and listen to “Paid” today!

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