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Celebrating Nightly’s Debut Album ‘night, love you.’

Nashville, Tennessee band Nightly released their debut album night, love you. on October 16 featuring fan favorite songs like “the car,” “you should probably just hang up,” and “the movies”. Drawing inspiration from Coldplay and The Killers to Tears for Fears and Miguel, Nightly’s music is made for moody introspection, and for late-night daydreaming or driving with no real destination in mind.

Formed of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, and drummer Nick Sainato, Nightly have released a steady stream of music since their 2016 debut EP Honest. They have always been a band that never shies away from writing songs that are deeply confessional and relatable. That passion shines through on their album night, love you. “We just try to write about things that are real to us,” explains Nightly’s frontman Jonathan Capeci. “It means so much to know that could somehow help other people with whatever they’re going through in their own lives.”

“From the beginning we’ve wanted to be an album band. ‘night, love you.’ was the sentiment behind the band name, so in a way this is our semi-self titled debut,” explains Jonathan. “It’s deeply personal, and we couldn’t be more proud of this record. All of it was created in Joey’s basement which feels full circle from where we started, making songs in a tiny apartment. All of the songs were written this year with the exception of the closing track which is one of the first songs we ever wrote. We always knew that we wanted to save it for our debut record, now it’s finally yours.”

To celebrate the release of their debut album, Nightly and their crew worked for weeks to curate a live streamed show in Nashville for fans all over the world.

Lead singer Jonathan Capeci explained during the show that, like most others, that the band would rather be performing this album live with fans in the room. Even though they are not able to play in person right now, Jonathan continued to share that the band thought it was very important to celebrate the album with a live show, even if it was streamed, because of how much work they put into it and how much it means to them.

The livestream’s chat opened up 30 minutes before the show kicked off. From chatting about their favorite songs to their favorite part of the production to other live stream shows (Billie Eilish’s, especially), fans from San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philippines, and more joined together to celebrate the fourteen track album.

it was very clear that Nightly was having such a great time being back at a show and performing these new tracks. Watching night, love you front to back, with a few extra songs, like the beloved song “Twenty Something,” was such an amazing experience. night, love you. is an album that deserves to be played live. With such fantastic lighting and camera quality, my appreciation for the album changed. Like fans were saying in the chat, it was so surreal to see these songs played in this live setting rather than being streamed on Spotify or Apple Music.

Screenshot from the stream by Karalyn Hope

Throughout the set Jonathan took some time to send thanks to his crew members, friends, and fans for all of their hard work and support along with a message for some of the songs. He explained that track 13, “The Movies,” “…is the first song that we wrote for the album and it kinda like transformed to become an album after this song. We played it on the last tour… if you know this song, wherever you are at, help us out and sing this one.”

After the show concluded, fans stayed in the chat to talk and exchange their social media usernames. They even made jokes about how they were already ready to watch the replay for the next 48 hours.

night, love you. is truly a beautiful album about growing up, loving, losing, and loving again that not only deserves to be played in a live setting but deserves to be added to everyone’s late-night drive playlist.

Connect with Nightly on your favorite social media platform today and be sure to stream their debut night, love you.

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