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Eliza McLamb, A Fresh Indie Voice: EP Review ‘Memos’

Memos is a 5 track EP released this month by up-and-coming indie musician Eliza McLamb. While McLamb had put out two full singles on streaming apps before, as well as posting actively on her SoundCloud; this is her first collection available on Spotify, which was highly anticipated by her followers. A good portion of McLamb listeners have come from her TikTok, where she has over 250 thousand followers. At just 19 years old, McLamb is making a name for herself as a young musician.

The lyrics off this EP bring nostalgic, emotional vibes, similar to how one would feel listening to Phoebe Brigers. McLamb’s reflections on her growth, relationships, and growing up, make for a perfect listen after the year we had. Her melancholy voice is familiar and comfortable, as she tells in daunting details the tale of her life. McLamb has a trait as a singer-songwriter that is admirable- the way that she can write in such specifics about her experiences while remaining relatable. Her heart wrenching lyrics and ability to sing about any scenario draws in fans by the dozen.

Out of the whole EP, “Porn Star Tits” is a track that stands out the most, for a multitude of reasons. While most of the other songs are soft and piano based, this track is bold and upbeat. McLamb uses a speaking voice for much of the song, telling her story of being hypersexualized at a young age. A unique aspect of the song is the back tracks of men yelling obscenities as she explains the harassment she’s faced.

This song is also the one that many of her followers, including myself, have been waiting for her to release onto streaming apps, as she has been posting teasers of it for months as she worked on it. The final lines of the track, “If I have to feel so disembodied, the body better be banging / Gotta be the type to get me a few likes / On Instagram and a DM that says ‘slut’.” is a powerful end to a the song that in my opinion, perfectly encapsulates how it feels to be consistently judged and dehumanized since childhood.

McLamb has responded to comments of future projects, where she plans on producing more of the songs she has teased on her socials. For now, many of her beginning writing processes can be seen on her TikTok, as well as she continues to post collections and singles on her SoundCloud. If you love up-and-coming indie musicians, Eliza McLamb would be a great person to have on your radar!

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