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Fury in Few Release New Single “Knife Edge Death Match”

The Atlanta, Georgia based alternative rock duo Fury in Few just released their new single, “Knife Edge Death Match”. Bringing forward an amplified ‘in your face’ energy, and reviving rock for the newer generations, the group is striving to show the world that rock isn’t dead. It’s crucial for genres to continue to grow, and withstand the times. Fury in Few are revitalizing rock music to embrace this new generation, and are bringing a modern edge to a style of music made for the older eras.

“Knife Edge Death Match” is an explosion of intense instrumentation, and furocious head-banging energy with lyrics referencing standing up for yourself. ‘The song serves as a calling card for the world to know that the youth are ready to make their stand and be heard,’ the duo describes. The song definitely embodies that statement with its message and mood. It’s heavier, grittier, and far more powerful than any of the songs in the Fury in Few discography.

This band is unfolding in a great way. Their previously released tracks like “The Stress of Young People”, “Pop Music”, and “Generation Xtra Special”, have a catchy, upbeat spirit that makes you want to sing along to the relatable lyrics. One of the best things about this band is their ability to continue pushing their heavily engaging message throughout their releases. Their lyrics challenge the norms of society, confront hypocrites, and empower Gen Z to let their voices be heard and be unapologetically themselves. Although their older songs were well done, they only begin to show the capabilities of the duo. The band progressively gets more aggressive, adding more complex instrumentation and advanced vocals to each song they put out.

“Knife Edge Death Match” shows off a more polished and cultivated sound from the band. From start to finish, this song is packed with distinctly stronger and more intense drums from Ryan, captivating and energetic guitar parts, and a better representation of the impressive range from vocalist/guitarist Brayden with his tenacious, gritty tone pulling the song together. The song embraces a bold, full sound, while still maintaining the catchy vibe shown in their earlier tracks.

Overall, “Knife Edge Death Match” is a killer song that shows enormous growth from Fury in Few, and brings a refreshingly bold, dynamic, and influential sound to the alternative rock genre. This track only scratches the surface of what this band is capable of creating.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to follow their journey, and stream their new single, “Knife Edge Death Match”, on Spotify today.

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