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“Good for You” by Pollyanna: Single Review

“It’s inevitable that you will have to rip the Band-Aid off and end the relationship…”

If you are feeling rung out with a toxic relationship, then Pollyanna’s new single, “Good for You,” may just be the antidote you need. The New Jersey-based indie-rock poptimist trio have grown much since their 2013 start, and the new single could be their next hit.

While discussing “Good for You,” front-woman Jill Beckett says, “It’s inevitable that you will have to rip the Band-Aid off and end the relationship…” Such a statement carries the song’s intentions. Right from the start, it comes crushing in with palm-muted power chords and charging vocals. At about 15 seconds, everything breaks loose. Punk-inspired power chords and thumping drums propel everything forward. Meanwhile, beautiful and clean indie guitar leads layer the underground.

A listener should expect three-and-a-half minutes of an honest, no bullsh*t, and deep cutting track. Beckett’s chorus is likely the selling point here; it features anthemic, call-and-response vocals exploding after a relaxed pre-chorus. The bridge became an easy favorite of mine. Following brutal lyrics such as, “I won’t be what you want”, Beckett blazes a bluesy, yet melodious guitar solo to send us to the outro.

“Good for You” paints a straightforward picture of when sometimes, people simply do not work out. Perhaps it’s the courage you will need to see the reality in your own situation. Or, just let the catchy melodies stick in your head. It’s definitely a window down, speakers’ loud soundtrack for a spring road trip.

My overall rating of Pollyanna’s “Good For You” is a solid 4.7/5 stars.

Take a look at the “Good For You” music video here:

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