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An Inside Look on Buddy Wright

“We are all strangely human. Whether it’s a happy song or sad song I write with my heart on my sleeve in an effort to explore those thoughts and emotions that people don’t admit or spell out often.”

Kick off your 2020 with learning about Nashville based singer/songwriter Buddy Wright from Corpus Christi, TX. Late last year, I discovered his song “A Little Off” and was instantly obsessed with the song. It was the perfect pop infused single to end my year with. I had a chance to talk to Buddy about his music journey up to this point and the exciting things he has planned for the rest of the year.

Introduce yourself! Tell us about your journey in music so far.

I grew up on my family’s cattle ranch while also working at the family owned mining business so naturally I loved country music and nothing else. A music career was never really on the radar though. I was recruited to play college football in central Texas but accumulated injuries that left me on the sideline. I spent the remainder of that year with a crushed dream but in the wake of that depression I wrote my first song and my dream started to change. I moved back home to finish college and began to play songwriter nights and open up for Texas country touring bands. By the time I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree I had already decided music was the only thing I cared about. I took the first decent job I got in Nashville and hit the road. “A Little Off” came fairly soon after. It was the first pop song I ever wrote and it completely changed my sound for the better.

“A Little Off” was released in June of 2019! What is the song about?

I wrote “A Little Off” about a girl I let slip away from me a long time ago but never really lost feelings for. I had just moved to Nashville and fairly quickly met a bunch of new people including my now close circle of best friends. We were going out all the time, performing at dive bars and venues up and down the west coast, and pretty much living our dream. Everything seemed to be going perfect but I kept thinking of her out of nowhere. It made me feel like I was crazy because we hadn’t seen or talked in years. I was still feeling like my heart was missing a puzzle piece.

What do you hope your fans learn from listening to this song?

I hope my fans get a sense of my emotional style and the type of songs that are on the horizon. We are all strangely human. Whether it’s a happy song or sad song I write with my heart on my sleeve in an effort to explore those thoughts and emotions that people don’t admit or spell out often. Since the release of “A Little Off” I’ve had a number of people reach out saying that this song helped them through the passing of a loved one which was something completely unexpected for me. I think that is what happens when you write honestly about how you feel. Even if you had a different story in mind, someone somewhere has felt the exact same and it helps them to know they aren’t alone.

Stream “A Little Off” here!


If you like the single, get excited! Buddy has more music on the way. He explained to me that, “the overall success of “A Little Off” has motivated me to trust my intuition about my songwriting and production ideas so I have started putting together a full EP project.” If this goes to plan, it will be released this year along with some fresh merchandise, physical copies, and other cool things!

I saw that you played a couple of shows in NYC! Tell the readers about the two shows. What is the most important thing you learned about yourself and/or your music from playing these shows?

The shows in NYC went as good as they could have. I am still learning and building towards booking a successful multi city tour. I had picked NYC in particular because I had a lot of streaming listeners there as well as a group of friends that came out. My mind was quickly refreshed about the realities of being an unknown artist because the crowds were light and the paycheck was nonexistent. What I didn’t expect though was that the social ads I had put up got more follows and new fans asking when I was coming back then actually showed up to the show.

Buddy is currently booked to play in his hometown for the 2020 Corpus Christi Songwriters Festival on February 14 to 16! You can find more information about the event here.

He also explained to me that he has a few other shows in the works that which will posted on his Spotify and Facebook page if they are confirmed. After the release of his debut EP, a full tour that will follow! Keep your eyes and ears open for dates and more information!

A year from now, Buddy described that he has hopes to have a successful EP that eventually, “lands me a manger, record deal, and a large tour as an opener. I hope I am able to quit my day job and pursue music full time at the very least.”

Keep in touch with Buddy!

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