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Single Review: “Put the Thriller Down” by Fury in Few

“Rock or Die. Be Dangerous.”

Atlanta, Georgia based rock duo, Fury in Few, made up of drummer Ryan Calatayud and Brayden Gomer (who plays everything else), just released their newest single, with an accompanying music video, “Put the Thriller Down.”

“Put the Thriller Down” is one of those songs that immediately gets you hyped up and head-banging. With non-stop energy, unruly angst, and a powerful sound, they will have you ready to rip up the mosh pit the second the first note graces your eardrums. Their sound is clean and precise, with this glaringly upbeat, anthem-style vibe and lyrics to match. Graciously living by the motto, “Rock or Die. Be Dangerous,” the duo brings a fun, youthful, modern style to the rock genre.

Watch the official video for “Put the Thriller Down” here:

After hearing “Put the Thriller Down,” I hope to see a full-length album sometime in the near future. The duo, who claim to be, “Just working towards our goal of being the most famous rock band in history…”, might live up to that one day.

Connected to other rising artists like Cleopatrick and Ready the Prince, the Fury in Few will be heading out on tour in the spring starting in April. Tour dates will be announced soon. Although For The Punks will update you as soon as these fates are announced (because we’re excited), follow Fury in Few on social media to stay updated on these tour dates and Fury in Few’s musical journey yourself!

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