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SZNS Makes A Sizzling Debut with ‘Tequila w Lime”

The love for a certain song or an artist is more than just how “catchy the song is.” This becomes much more special when you can trace the beginnings from where the artist came from. I am extremely happy I came across SZNS when I did! Their debut song “Tequila w Lime” released on July 17 and it’s the perfect summer song. I see great potential in these girls and I cannot wait to see what they release next!

This newly debuted girl group aligns with For The Punks’ message of what a punk stands for: “a person who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles.” These girls are clearly passionate in their music and path toward being singers! Furthermore, their concept as a group is what intrigued me the most. The four girls’ names after the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each girl brings their own unique vocals and styles that blend together to create the vibrant SZNS sound we know. SZNS take on the “classic 90’s girl group music we all know and love with edm, latin-synth, and house inspired beats.”

Upon hearing the song, I caught myself singing along. At first I thought, “Oh this is catchy, I like it!” However, as I replayed the song and got to dissect the composition of the song from the lyrics to the instrumental, I discovered it is much more than a typical debut pop song. To start off, the lyrics were relatable to say the least. They touch upon topics upon nightlife misogyny and chauvinism which the girls themselves have faced in the past. With many debut songs, many tend to focus on the party life without mentioning many of the other aspects that follow with it.

That being said, I enjoyed the women empowerment theme that followed throughout the music video as well. From the very beginning they mention, “I didn’t wear this dress for you, you ain’t the reasons I bought these shoes…”, which clearly exemplify the constant and battle women face when being defined by their choice of clothing. As the song develops, the lyrics, “Call me a tease. I’m not here tonight, for whatever you please. No not here to please.” further emphasizes the message of women empowerment SZNS wants to portray.

This song has many layers which takes a couple of listens to fully appreciate the maturity of this song. Besides the strong vocals provided by the girls, the harmony between is really prominent during the chorus! The ad libs by Summer were my favorite toward the end were a great melange with the chorus toward the end song.

With Autumn and Spring handling the intro and Summer and Winter with the pre chorus and chorus was a great combination fully clear the unique voices of the girls. The difference in the vocals compliment each other and the unique latin inspired instruments. Lastly, let’s talk about the dance break. The dance break mixed with the overpowering bass was a great transition to showcase the great dance moves among the girls.

“Tequila w Lime” took off on Youtube and reached 1 million in less than a week on Youtube. It’s now nearing 2 million views. Watch it below!

With new upcoming music from every direction it is easy to become overly excited or overwhelmed. However, the group’s concept and message to empower girls, women, and anyone feeling pressured into submission to address is exactly what we need during times like these. I am so very excited to see new songs and content! For our luck ‘Tequila w Lime’ will be soon followed by a series of four EPs, crafted for each season, ranging from bass dropping dance beats to sultry ballads.

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