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Water Culture Release New Single “So Far Gone”

“So Far Gone” is the first single from North Carolina band Water Culture. While their previous music, under the band name Glow, had a harder rock sound, “So Far Gone” sets a different pace so far.

The band, made up of Ryan Mitchell, Brandon Archer, Jared Pugh, and Thomas Drake, describes themselves as the passion project of four friends.

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For this first endeavor, they have also featured their friend Madeline Edwards on the track as well. The song was written by Ryan, Jared, and Madeline. It opens with, “stand by your words you drew, just after noon, when the curtains dropped and we knew, that we wanted different things,” perhaps telling the tale of a relationship gone wrong. Despite the subject matter, the song leaves you with nothing but good vibes. The entire song has an ethereally relaxing sound to it, but is also catchy enough to get stuck in your head for hours to come.

About halfway through the track, we begin to hear Madeline Edwards’ voice come in as well. The seamless blend of her voice interlaced with vocalist Ryan Mitchell’s is a thing of beauty.

I definitely recommend following Water Culture to see what comes next, as they are planning to release a song from next year’s album every couple months.

Connect with Water Culture on social media and be sure to stream “So Far Gone” today!

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