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Arrows In Action Release Debut Album; Touring US & UK This Year

With an epic intro worthy of an action-packed video game, Built to Last, the debut album from Arrows in Action is the perfect album for my current phase of life.

“Writing Built to Last helped us ease the bitter part of that bitter sweet feeling you get when moving away from home for the first time,” the band shared on their social media accounts. “It deals with the comedown from that high. When all the new things stop being new and start being normal. When you might start asking yourself ‘where did everyone go?’ and ‘can I really make this work?’ No matter how rich some of your new friendships feel you might still long for those people who have known you your whole life. You might start to reprioritize. ‘How do I stay connected?’ or even harder ‘how do I reconnect?’”

Coincidentally, the release of Built to Last coincided with my own realization that after almost one year of living abroad, I have started to take the beauty of my (still relatively) new home for granted. I found myself annoyed with traffic, missing the friends I left behind, and longing for the convenience of my former home. To say I was on an emotional rollercoaster while listening to this album would be an understatement. With Built to Last, Arrows in Action, hailing from Gainesville, Florida, and residing in Nashville, Tennessee, perfectly emoted the sentiments I was having trouble expressing myself.

The album’s second track, “Over It”, opens with “Hey mom, I’m doin’ just fine – know I haven’t called in a long, long time, but no news is good news I swear”. I’ve never teared up more quickly when listening to a song. Yet, the next track, “High” was super catchy and was stuck in my head for hours after listening.

“The Credits” was one of the first singles from Built to Last and features Loveless and Magnolia Park. The song is an upbeat, pop-leaning track that reflects the feeling of wanting to change mistakes you’ve made in past relationships. In addition to the single release, the music video for this track was the first release from the album.

Speaking on the song, the band shares, “‘The Credits’ is a brutally honest retrospective on lost loves – it addresses the desire to “re-play” and edit the past after learning from one’s mistakes, much like editing a movie. The music video leans heavily into the movie theme and is full of the thrills, heart-breaks, and laughs of the original films which we reenact.”

Watch the music video below!

“Head in the Clouds” was released as the second single from Built to Last. The 12th track on the album, “Head in the Clouds” is both upbeat and infectious – a mood that was perfectly encapsulated in the song’s accompanying music video.

Similarly, the music video for “Checking In”, visualizes the feelings expressed in the track. In yet another song that left me feeling seen, the chorus’ lyrics, “Just checking in, hey, how you been? It’s been too long, swear that I still exist. I missed your call, it’s no one’s fault. It was so much easier when we wеre kids. So just checking in” had me reaching for my cellphone to reach out to friends I haven’t talked to in quite some time.

In addition to the juxtaposition of the feelings I felt while listening to the album, its blend of angular indie-rock, ‘80s electric sheen, and saccharine alt-pop sets it apart. At 13 tracks and featuring Loveless, Magnolia Park, and The Home Team, Built to Last will be an album I keep on repeat. Even if you can’t relate to my feelings of moving abroad, the stories revealed through the album’s lyrics resemble situations most listeners will have experienced. If you’re a fan of State Champs, Magnolia Park, or The Band Camino, you’ll love Arrows in Action.

Stream Built to Last now on your favorite platform. Catch Arrows in Action on their first full U.S. headlining tour this summer alongside Honey Revenge and Finish Ticket. Tickets and VIP packages are on sale now here. For those living across the pond, Arrows in Action will be supporting The Summer Set on their U.K. tour this November (find tickets here).

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