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Jordy Searcy & Stephen Day, JP Saxe, and Ben Rector Perform On June 10 at Red Hat Amphitheater

The ‘Joy of Music Tour’ stopped in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Red Hat Amphitheater on June 10th. The almost two month long tour had artists Jordy Searcy & Stephen Day, Jake Scott or JP Saxe depending on the show, and Ben Rector playing at mostly outdoor venues all across the United States.

Jordy Searcy and Stephen Day opened the show with a quick set. They both played in Ben’s band later in the night, but came together for a special performance to start the evening.

Up next was JP Saxe. During his set he mentioned that the first time he played his song “If The World Was Ending” was in Raleigh as well- except it was unreleased at the time. He opened for Noah Kahan’s Busyhead tour and I happened to be there as well. It was so special to recall hearing him sing it the first time while everyone was hearing it for the first time in awe of his talent, to be hearing him sing it while everyone sang along. His set also included songs such as “Hey Stupid, I Love You” and “Explain You”.

Last up was Ben Rector, and he was joined on stage by Joy. He started his set with “Dream On” which was a fun start that got the crowd excited. The whole set was beautiful and you could look around and see the everyone completely engaged the whole time. To see friends laughing while singing along and couples looking at each other in love truly showed the ‘Joy of Music.’

Jordy Searcy & Stephen Day

JP Saxe

Ben Rector

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