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Maude Latour Finishes Spring Tour In Charlotte, NC On April 23

Maude Latour closed out her spring tour in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 23 at the Neighborhood Theatre.

Syd Burnham opened the show with an infectious energy and relatable personality. Being a relatively small artist, I think she drew in the crowd and gained some new fans from the show.

Like a lot of Maude Latour fans, I found her music through Tiktok in early 2020. It was so nice to see someone so genuine and passionate about their music and the message they put out. This tour was Maude’s first and seeing her excitement throughout the whole show was heartwarming. The show definitely focused on connecting with fans and allowing fans to connect with each other. A lot of “thank you’s,” eye contact, and reaching out for fans hands. This show was also the last show of her tour and served as a celebration for her college graduation. Her latest single “Lola” was definitely a crowd favorite (really every song she performed was a favorite). Definitely go see Maude perform live if you can, she has a few performances coming up soon.

Syd Burnham

Maude Latour

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