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Unique Isn’t Enough To Describe MSPAINT: Debut Album ‘Post-American’ Review

In a world where everything has been done or is being done in the moment, it’s tough to find something purely unique and original. MSPAINT is not only original in their sound, but they use that sound to hook you right away on their latest debut record Post-American released via Convulse Records on March 10.

photo credit: Libby Zanders

MSPAINT is a group from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and have been leaders in the DIY scene there for the past few years. The attraction to MSPAINT is from the unique sound that the band is equipped with and the energy that is given from the human connection they receive. The band received the attention of Militarie Gun’s Ian Shelton who got into contact with the band to help produce their debut record with Taylor Young. That debut record is Post-American.

The record opens up with the track “Information” which will clue you in right away on what to expect from the record. What you should expect is to be ready for everything and anything. The lyrics are lyrics that will get your soul moving as it calls for more a put down of technology and to receive more human connection “Information in its purest form resembles chemical components of chloroform” This isn’t the only track that thrives off of the call for human connection. The fourth track, my personal favorite, “Hardwired” opens up in a manner that doesn’t prepare for the hard hitting nature of this track instrumentally. Vocalist Deedee punches hard on the vocals while only using a minimal amount of lyrics throughout the track. Interestingly enough the band is without a guitar player but it doesn’t hold back the music in the slightest. It doesn’t hold the band back by any means as the synths and bass fill the room of sound to its fullest.

Other tracks on this record that shine include “Decapitated Reality”, “Free From the Sun”, “Titan of Hope”, and “Flowers From Concrete”. All of these tracks provide the explosive nature mentioned earlier with “Decapitated Reality” and “Flowers From Concrete” being personal favorites on this record. “Decapitated Reality” is a track that also features Soul Glo vocalist Pierce Jordan who joins the band on this angry track that is a mirror reflection of the fear, dread, and negativity that is within America in our modern day. It’s captured through the screaming vocals that just pierce through the track shouting lines like “Stay Alert” while pulse is pounded within the band. The dynamic contrast that the band upholds on this album is most noticeable in “Flower From Concrete”, the album closer. The choice to have this track as the closer was the perfect choice as the swell and build leads to clarity in the end. It feels as though you “shed the skin” and move forward and just accept moving forward at that. The music and the lyrics of this song play off of each other so well with the instrumental being very melodic, almost sweet. With the lyric they start off focusing on dread yet being hopeful for a good future it was a beautiful way to end this record.

Post-American shines brightest in its messages and the passion put behind the messages within the record. I personally haven’t seen such aggression and passion since a band like Rage Against the Machine. You can tell the band cares about not just their music but the people that take the time to listen to the music they create. The band bares their soul for the listener building a connection almost familial in execution. It comes down to the fact that singer Deedee had a clear vision for the concepts and lyrics of the album. “I wanted to completely open up on every track, to be as vulnerable as possible, but also to have a hopefulness that comes from diving deep,” Of course, lyrics have their areas and their moments but they are nothing without the music behind them complimenting it. The band knocks it out of the park in regards to using each instrument to compliment the song even if they use something the audience wouldn’t necessarily expect at first.

Post-American is an 11 song record that packs every punch on sound, message, and energy. When listening to the record I was captured immediately from its uniqueness and the fact that I was excited not being able to pinpoint a band that sounds like this currently. I see MSPAINT as pioneers to this sound pushing something that is new and fresh but is a sound that will get you hooked immediately when you hear it with any track on this record. MSPAINT is a band to keep eyes on in the future because I feel as though things are just getting started for them. If you want to check out more from the band check out their Bandcamp here.

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