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A Review Of Spaced’s July 2022 Album: ‘Spaced Jams’

Spaced is a 5 piece hardcore ensemble hailing from Buffalo, New York consisting of members Lexi, John, Joe, Dan, and Donny. 2022 was a big year for the band including an album release, tours with Like Pacific, Comeback Kid, and War On Women and festival appearances at Act Like You Know and Hold Your Ground.

Photo by Sam Tilkins

Their most recent release, an album they so lovingly titled “Spaced Jams”, is reminiscent of past hardcore giants such as Bad Brains or Murphy’s Law, but with a special kick added in that makes Spaced a very special and admirable band. Released in July of 2022 via New Morality Zine, the compilation of tracks contains new material as well as some of their previous work, and it definitely holds up. 

Upon listening, I could feel that old school style bubbling at the surface, along with an electronic element that brings makes the songs more exciting. This is easily “first hardcore band” material and I’m all for it. My personal favorite tracks would definitely be ‘Bad Energy’ and ‘Prove You Wrong’; but the entire is extremely well done.  

Spaced has given us something truly unique: hardcore that is electrifying and engaging, yet deeply rooted in its origins. Citing themes of originality and self-identity, and paying homage to a generation growing up in a world that kinda sucks. Spin kick worth and two step inspiring as they are, I feel in my gut this only the beginning for Spaced.

Be sure to give “Spaced Jams” a listen wherever you get your music, the link for streaming on Bandcamp is below.

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