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Frances Forever And Tessa Violet Perform In Portland, OR

Tessa Violet took to the stage at Star Theater in Portland, Oregon alongside her close friend and music partner, Frances Forever on September 1. Frances opened up the show and continued to perform multiple unreleased songs for the audience! At the end of their set they played their biggest song, “Space Girl” which blew up on TikTok in 2020.

After Frances Forevers set, there was a brief pause before lights started strobing and Tessa came out on stage in a beautiful pink gown to match her iconic yellow hair. Tessa Violet was originally from a small town in Oregon called Ashland, so she was happy to perform in her home state again. She engaged with the audience so much it felt more like a get together and less like a concert. About half way through her set, she went off stage, people were a bit worried she was gonna need to cancel the show, but then she came back out in the most stunning yellow outfit the exact shade of her hair. At the end of the show, she gave a signed vinyl of her most recent album, MY GOD! to the most enthusiastic person in the audience.

Frances Forever

Tessa Violet

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