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GAYLE Sells Out Mercury Lounge In NYC On March 22 With joe p

You may know her from her song “abcedfu” but that’s just for now, GAYLE is going to be a household name in the next few years. With ever growing social media influence, it seems easier than ever for an artist to have a big hit and then get lost in the shuffle, this is not the case with GAYLE. With the recent release of her debut EP, a study of the human experience volume one, GAYLE delivers a body of work that not only showcases her talent as a musician but also displays her incredible songwriting skills. At only 17 years old, GAYLE expresses feelings and emotions through her lyrics that even the most experienced songwriters would struggle to do. I think that it’s become easier to write off young songwriters because they often lack real life experiences but that doesn’t seem to be the case with GAYLE, the lyrics that she writes can connect with almost any audience.

GAYLE by Angelo Joseph

GAYLE has been very vocal on her social media about her experiences as a young woman and how her music reflects those experiences. In one particular post she shared that her song, “ur just horny,” is about a time that she felt a friend used their friendship to sleep with her. I think GAYLE has entered a space that is often unchallenged by young artists. Sure, every artist writes music about young love but not in the same way GAYLE is doing, I don’t think many artists share their experience with the dangers of vulnerability and manipulation at a young age.

On March 22 GAYLE headlined Mercury Lounge in New York City as part of her two sold out nights in New York with joe p as the opener. GAYLE delivers a performance like no other. Seeing GAYLE in an intimate venue such as Mercury Lounge was proof that she has what it takes to bring her career to the next level. In a 250 room cap venue, artists don’t get the opportunity to rely on stage production or theatrics to carry their set and GAYLE definitely didn’t need it. GAYLE has one of the most powerful stage presences that I’ve had the opportunity to witness. It would be a disservice to yourself if you had the chance to see her live in concert and did not take that opportunity.

joe p


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