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Grooving Through It “All” With Squint

If you weren’t already excited for Flyover Fest this year, then Squint has given you a head banging reason to get so.

Squint is a melodic hardcore band from St Louis, Missouri that features members of other groups from the area like Time and Pressure, New Lives, Soul Craft, and Choir Vandals. They formed in 2022 releasing their debut EP Feel It in the spring and a follow up, Wash Away, in the winter of that year. They would later combine the two EPs into one full length titled Feel It All Wash Away in July of 2023.

“All” was released on July 28, 2023 under Sunday Drive Records with a music video to accompany it. The release date would be shared with the LP release of Feel It All Wash Away. The song is a shorter one only clocking in at just over two minutes. While it may only be 2 minutes, the punch the band packs into it is quite massive. Bringing a wide range of emotions that are expressed differently in the music comparatively to the lyrics. Instrumentals on the song bring a very up-beat and catchy tone, allowing the listener to groove with the drums on the track while they remain constant yet demanding. A constant repeated riff as well as smooth rhythm and bass guitars keep the groove as well. The music reminds me of other acts in the scene currently like Militarie Gun.

Watch the music video for “All” below.

Lyrically “All” is contradicting the tones the instrumentals lend the audience but in a way that benefits the message of the song. The lyrics tackle the themes of issues and problems piling on you and how it isn’t getting better. Lines in the bridge like, “I always pick myself up to fall; I guess I just can’t take it all” drive home this message of internal/external struggles people listening can relate to. Singer Brennen Wilkinson, in the same bridge as mentioned before, also belts out “World around me is doing fine; Think it’s due time that I got mine” which is where the relationship between the lyrics and the music is put into perspective.

The music of the song acts as the metaphor for the singer’s perspective of the world. It is fun, up-beat, and is better off mood wise than he is. It is countered by Wilkinson’s harsh vocals and more downbeat lyrics on the track. Overall the band really nailed the themes of the song with little details hidden within that lend to the experience as the listener dives deep. Accompanied with the release of the song is a fun loving music video that features a puppet form of the band performing the track. It is a great song and video leaving me wanting more from the act. If you want to learn more check them out on their Bandcamp as well as Flyover Fest which they will be taking part in this year (for a second year in a row)!

“All” and Feel It All Wash Away are now available to listen to.

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