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Jassin Gharib Unveils New Single From Forthcoming EP

There’s no greater pleasure than a petty pop-punk track on relationships, and Jassin Gharib delivers precisely that.

Jassin Gharib, originating from Limburg, Germany, has a talent to merge various genres and storytelling. Their single “i don’t have co-workers, i have undiagnosed adhd and a superiority complex,” released March 29, is bound to engage listeners with its very honest and raw portrayal. It’s the first look at their EP …so I guess that makes me the devil releasing April 26.

Photo by Julius Gabele

If you’ve ever been told “You’re acting awkward” or “Why are you being weird?”, yet you either see no issue with your behavior or struggle to control it, then this track is for you. The song creates a narrative of self-awareness, alternating between moments of clarity and confusion, loneliness and connection, the desire to seek help, yet hesitating to do so.

A personal favourite lyric of mine includes: “I don’t want to hang with your friends, thanks but I’m fine […] I lack self-awareness and I might be losing my mind” as there is a sense of satirical humour to it. I believe when people feel this way they tend to joke about it as a coping mechanism and use it in their art, such as music, to make others feel better and be able to relate to an outlet.

It unveils an introverted dimension to this state of being, characterized by the comfort of solitude even in the company of friends, finding solace in fiction, and embracing this retreat from social expectations without reservation. The lyrics “Me and my friends, we hang out in basements, escaping reality, invested in fictional characters” emphasize this introverted self-awareness, acknowledging the choice to distance oneself from people without feeling remorse. Many people find comfort in fictional worlds, which some may perceive negatively. However, this song reassures listeners that there’s no need for apology; finding joy in such feelings is perfectly acceptable.

The single focuses on the consequences of unspoken expectations and communication breakdowns. With a pop-punk sound, it sets the tone for the EP, blending raw honesty with a nuanced portrayal of pettiness. A finger-pointer of a track, if I do say so myself.

Jassin Gharib’s musical journey spans diverse influences, from 90’s grunge, hip-hop, and R’n’B to Arab Pop. Inspired by The Killers’ trilogy and a love for Magic The Gathering, they infuse unique elements into their work.

Overcoming vocal insecurities, their upcoming single reflects a journey towards authentic expression that does not hold back – a very common theme in the pop-punk world. With such an approach, their music is bound to garner increased popularity the moment it reaches wider audiences.

Jassin Gharib’s EP delves into the complexities of codependency and the struggle to break free, despite recognizing its hardships – a concept that many will be able to relate to. Titled “…so I guess that makes me the devil?!”, it pays homage to The Office while transitioning from a casual phrase to a deep exploration of self-awareness.

With Gharib’s fan base expanding within the Twitter DIY scene and beyond, the launch of this single and the forthcoming EP signify pivotal moments in their evolving musical journey. Followers anticipate an emotive and genuine encounter, addressing universal themes of relationships and self-exploration.

To me, this presents a refreshing perspective on the pop-punk genre. It maintains the essence of the petty, pop-punk sound while introducing clean and contemporary vocals that strike a perfect balance. I believe many will resonate with this blend and discover a new artist worth exploring after hearing this track. If you like dynamic guitars, crisp vocals, and an irresistible chorus, you’re in for a treat.

“i don’t have co-workers, i have undiagnosed adhd and a superiority complex,” is available where you listen to music. Don’t forget to mark your calendars …so I guess that makes me the devil releases April 26.

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