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Jukebox the Ghost Visits Grand Rapids, MI on March 23

Jukebox the Ghost performed at The Stache in Grand Rapids, MI on March 23rd as part of their Cheers! To More Tour. The intimate venue allowed fans to feel like they were a part of the music.

The night was opened by singer-songwriter, Olivia Klugman, whose songs chronicle their struggle to make sense of a senseless world and reflects their experience with queer identity, ambivalence in romantic relationships, and the struggle to establish adulthood in unprecedented times.

Jukebox the Ghost is known for some of their piano pop hits like “Girl,” “Fred Astair,” and more recently “Ramona.” The trio has been heavily influenced by Queen stating there’s “something magical about Queen…that their songs are so catchy, but the song structures are so wonderfully wrong and they’re so unafraid to showcase their chops,” said Tommy Siegel (guitar/bass/vocals). “Their music is a reminder to me that pop music doesn’t have to come in a neat, restrained package,” added Ben Thornewill (piano/vocals), “It’s ok to get weird and own it.” They came with fun, playful energy and heavy crowd interaction. At one point they even brought out a wheel for someone in the crowd to spin. The wheel included potential songs to perform, “swap instruments”, and “Steve’s choice”–in which anyone in the crowd named Steve could pick a song.

Jukebox the Ghost will be continuing their tour through April 2022. For more information, please head to their website here.

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