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Keep Flying Tells Us to Keep Going

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Keep Flying last year during the release of their EP Revival. Released in August 2022, this EP is just as sanguine as their band name, providing a thread of hope through all the lyrics and songs–and it does so with melodic vocals, fast tempos, and horns (yes, brass instruments represent!).

The band has released two singles since the EP release, “Left Behind” and “Peace Be the Journey,” and they have played countless shows across the United States.

These two singles evoke some semblance of hopefulness, even though the themes may feel like the antithesis of it. “Left Behind” talks of moments of hardships within oneself, with lyrics like “Tell me what is this for/ Why do I work so hard/ When I’m just getting by /Is this fun anymore? It’s not enough to survive.” But then come back with, “I say some days it’s still worth trying/ To get through the day on my own.” Equally, “Peace Be the Journey” tells us of a relationship that has run its course. The song feels like a journey; a story of someone realizing that their perception is not what is reality, and moving on is the best thing they can do. Both singles give us the harsh truths of reality, but also silver linings of persevering through it all.

Keep Flying blends elements of early aughts punk and promising lyrics, speaking to the collective apathy everyone from Gen X to Gen Alpha is trying to get through. They are the beacon of hope that we need and their songs are our anthem.

Watch the music video for “Peace Be the Journey” & read my interview with the band below.

How would you describe your music?

We are a punk band with horns. It’s as simple as that. We like such a variety of music and we incorporate that into our songs and show.

Who (or what) influenced the sound of and lyricism of your music? What inspired the name of your band?

I would say we are influenced by many different artists from Set Your Goals to Less Than Jake to Comeback Kid and so forth. A little something for everyone. The name has two meanings. 1. It’s a great positive affirmation that’s just exactly what it means and 2. The show Firefly. Check it out if you’ve never seen it 😉

When did you all start writing and producing?

Everyone in the band has been working on music for many years prior to KF forming in 2016. We all know each other from past bands playing together so I would say this band is us all fine tuning our craft!

Congratulations on releasing Revival! Can you describe the theme or vibe of the EP?

Revival is an album of recomposed versions of our current catalog. Half the record is Survival songs because we didn’t feel finished with the album. It came out during the pandemic and we wanted to continue to push the songs so why not release some different versions of the tunes.

Do you have a favorite song from Revival? What is it about?

Favorite song would be the new folk version of Candy Cane Forest. It was nice to go back to our first album and bring an old song back to life. The bridge lyrics are “life can’t be about just trying not to die” and that speaks volumes of what it’s about.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Weird Al. I need him to play accordion on a song. I will do anything.

Has the pandemic influenced your creative writing or process?

Absolutely. We have no time left to waste post pandemic. We want to play and write and play and write and live our lives the way we want. More so than ever before it’s all about spending the time the way you want to.

How has it been playing live shows? What’s your favorite part of performing?

Since returning to live music last July 31 (2021) we have had a year and change of tours and every show all over the USA has just been phenomenal. It’s nice to see people excited to attend shows and support more than before. Favorite part is legit talking with folks after shows who want to trade kindness and positive energy.

What is something you hope people take away from listening to your music?

We want people to stress a little less. Smile a little more. Allow themselves to enjoy whatever it is they love about being alive. We find it increasingly important that humans be kind to not only their bodies but their minds and hearts. Just be who you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, ever.

Keep Flying is on tour later this month, with more dates to follow for the rest of 2023, I’m sure. Stay in touch with Keep Flying by heading to their website here!

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