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Maryland Band Again In May Release New Single “Anxious”

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Ripping riffage and brutal honesty is the name of the game with Again In May’s newest single. On September 9, the Annapolis-based post-hardcore quartet announced the release of their latest track “Anxious.” The song was released independently today, September 30, a year and some change since their debut EP release, 2021’s Feels Like Home.

The band’s sound evokes nostalgia for early-2000’s post-hardcore and pop-punk, with a strong footing in classic emo, creating the perfect blend of catchy melodies and roaring instrumentals. Their latest single is drenched in energy and emotion from start to finish, with enough angst in its lyrics to make Batman blush.

The song’s subject matter on a surface level seems to be about the protagonist finally getting rid of that one person they can’t seem to stop going back to, and finally being set free to go and flourish on their own. The song portrays this in a very upfront way, attempting to reverse the feelings that the narrator felt towards and about them. The hook is a perfect example of this, with the chorus being, “I hope it makes you anxious.” After giving it a bit of thought, I realized that even more so, it’s about a person who has been hurt and is attempting to heal. It is a feeling that I’m sure everyone can relate to, which makes it even more of a joy to listen to.

On top of everything else, the song also benefits from strong musicianship and punchy production quality, creating a very enjoyable listen. This is right up any post-hardcore fan’s alley, and it’s an easy recommend to anyone who has been in a similar situation to the narrator. Be sure to check out “Anxious” now wherever you stream your music!

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