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MUNA And Nova Twins Perform At Palace Theatre In St. Paul On May 17

London duo Nova Twins opened the evening by exploding onto the stage with their signature face-melting guitar riffs. The pair, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia Smith, captivated the crowd throughout their set as they leapt across the stage and sent their multi-colored hair flying in all directions. They made many new fans that night with their irresistible heavy sound and high energy performance. Love opened “Cleopatra”, off their latest album Supernova, by asking if there were “any boss bitches in the audience tonight”, in which the crowd eagerly responded with deafening screams.

The pair hyped each other up and fed off one another’s energy, and their joy in performing was evident by the huge smiles plastered across their faces. The crowd mirrored the duo’s intensity with furious head-banging and constant jumping. The venue security team even had to squash two mosh pits before they got too aggressive. Other hits from their set included “Taxi”, from their 2020 debut Who Are the Girls, and “Choose Your Fighter”.

MUNA have a loyal Minnesota fan base, having performed in the Twin Cities with Phoebe Bridgers and Kacey Musgraves in recent years. By the time they took the stage, the atmosphere in the sold-out venue was buzzing with excitement. The crowd ate up the trio’s every move, loudly shrieking with delight at every twirl, hip thrust, and jump. The band members reciprocated these feelings of love and were visibly charmed by the sheer volume of the audience’s adoration. The trio, made up of vocalist Katie Gavin and guitarists Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, exuded an air that was effortlessly cool, but in an approachable way. Gavin hardly stood sill the entire set, playfully grinding against her bandmates and constantly dancing across the stage, while Maskin and McPherson sauntered and strutted to the music.

The band made it very clear how much they value inclusion and care for their fans, with Gavin promising the audience “you are welcome here”. The band even helped orchestrate a proposal between a fan named Zachary and their partner, who eagerly accepted. Gavin also dedicated “Kind of Girl”, off their latest record Muna, to the “trans cuties” in the audience, saying that even though it’s hard to find the right language and story to describe yourself, it’s important to pay attention and use care with the words you use for yourself. The band has released three albums to date, and played hits off of each, including, “What I Want”, “No Idea”, and “I Know a Place”.

The band is currently finishing up their US leg of the ‘Life’s So Fun’ tour in support of their latest album, Muna. They will end their tour on May 19th in Denver, before joining Taylor Swift on her Era’s tour.

Nova Twins


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