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Must Listens Of Winter 2023

The team members of For The Punks took the time to compile a list of musicians and bands that you should be listening to this snowy winter season! There are 17 artists on our list! Read through to the end to find a Spotify playlist with all of our recommended songs. We hope you will take the chance to discover your next favorite artist!

Graphic by Luna Cayuela

1. The Home Team

Recommended songs: “Watching All Your Friends Get Rich,” “Right Through Me” and “Grievance Pay”

Two of our contributors suggested The Home Team, a four piece pop-punk and pop-rock band from Seattle. Bridget shared, “They’re my favorite band at the moment. I really enjoy the heavy pop sound and, after meeting them, they’re some of the nicest and most genuine guys.”

Shelby Price shared, “I got to meet this band recently on tour and they were so incredibly kind and put on such a good show. I was beyond impressed with their stage presence and how much fun they have. You can tell they truly love performing and it was so nice to get to see them live. I 100% will be seeing them again!”

2. Fight From Within

Recommended songs: “Malevolence,” “Full Send,” and “The Waves”

Jade Davis shared, “This band means the world to me. They have been through a lot the past year or so and have yet to quit. Their energy during their live shows is insane. They constantly uplift other bands within the metal scene, and have some of the best social media presence ever.”

3. Lauren Ash

Recommended songs: “Now I Know” and “Sad This Christmas”

Arden shared, “If you’re looking for a dose of catchy pop-punk with a festive twist this winter, look no further than the title track of Lauren Ash’s holiday EP, “Sad This Christmas” — she puts a clever lyrical spin on the feel-good Christmas favorites that deck the radio each year, and it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head! Her very first release, “Now I Know,” is an infectious and gritty track that is perfect for fans of early 2000’s pop-punk.”

4. John Vincent III

Recommended songs: “Next To You,” “Oil,” and “When She Leaves”

Haley shared, “John’s latest album Songs For The Canyon was released on November 17. This release was very special for his fans as it represents his return to music after taking time away from it and social media. Following along with his journey through music has been so inspiring, and this album is the best way to show his growth and thoughts during the time away. All of John’s music is easy to listen to, perfect for road-trips, and relatable. And he deserves so much more support. Give his music a listen!”

5. Soccer Mommy

Recommended songs: “yellow is the color of her eyes”

Liza Kushnir shared, “I saw Soccer Mommy earlier this year when they were opening for The National. Their sound really stood out to me because it perfectly combined mellow indie vocals with hard hitting guitar instrumentation. The live performance was as good as the recorded tracks.”

6. Mon Rovîa

Recommended songs: “Garden Gate”

Krish shared, “Mon Rovîa is one of those special folk artists that captures love and hope in the times of turmoil and destruction in the most beautiful way. He writes delicate lyrics, with his soft voice crooning over plucky folk music. His songs are a cozy sweater keeping you warm in the middle of the freezing dark woods. His EP Act 1: The Wandering is one to listen to this winter.”

7. Z Berg

Recommended songs: “All Out Of Tears,” “We Almost Nailed It,” and “The Bad List”

Presley shared, “Z Berg combines aspects of pop, folk, and gothic to create a hypnotic, atmospheric vibe. “All Out Of Tears” is a fun, empowering track with electronic elements and a catchy chorus that sweeps you up with the beat, while “The Bad List” is a slow-paced melancholic, piano-driven listen perfect for any moody winter playlist, showcasing the range of her songwriting talent.”


Recommended songs: “GOOD GIRL ERA (SIDE A)” and “SICK PRETTY MIND (SIDE B)”

Nicole Frunza shared, “UPSAHL has been releasing songs from her most recent project, “UPSAHL PRESENTS: THE PHX TAPES”, throughout this year and I have been playing it a lot. I admire the creativity that came through when releasing this project and how it was in a similar manner to real cassette tapes… SIDE A + SIDE B… Each “side” with four songs. She also recently released two holiday songs on her “Snowglobe” EP. Worth a listen!”

9. Sleepy Gonzales

Recommended songs: “Couch Song,” “Skylight,” and “Sally on the Avenue”

Mae shared, “Winter is my favorite season for grungy indie-rock and Sleepy Gonzales delivers just that. Their most recent EP, Mercy Kill, is a spectacular release from start to finish and I will be having it on repeat throughout the many dark winter nights that are yet to come.”

10. Steady Hands

Recommended songs: “Song for Rosemary” and “I Swear Like A Sailor”

Jesse shared, “Very folky in the tone of the season.”

11. Ultra Q

Recommended songs: “It’s Permanent,” “I Watched Them Go,” and “Rosy”

Lilith shared, “They are a young and rising band in the alternative/indie scene. They have really fun sounds and an interesting background, considering the singer is Green Day’s frontman’s son. They like to experiment with post-punk, pop-punk, shoegaze and emo.”

12. Cigarettes After Sex

Recommended songs: “Apocalypse,” “K.,” and “Sunsetz”

Jenny shared, “An oldie but a goodie! Playing their album on a quiet, snowy day makes you feel like the main character in a movie.”

13. Chase Atlantic

Recommended songs: “Slide,” “Triggered,” and “Cassie”

Taliyah shared, “All of their music makes you want to drive down an empty road really fast at night time. Sometimes they’re the only band I listen to during my night drives because their music fits the vibe so well! Their music makes you feel so on top of the world.”

14. Sweet Pill

Recommended songs: “Starchild”

Emily Hartmann shared, “Sweet Pill is a Philadelphia based band who embodies Philadelphia as a whole, they are great people who make fantastic music.”

15. Aziya

Recommended songs: “atomic,” “chain,” and “wundagirl”

Luna shared, “I found out about Aziya through TikTok and I haven’t been able to listen to anything else during these past few months. Her music is perfect to blast in your earbuds while on a train ride on a cloudy cold day.”

16. Sydney Sprague

Recommended songs: “steve,” “smiley face,” and “if i’m honest”

Kirsten shared, “Sydney just put out her sophomore album in September. There’s a song on it for everyone and it’s even more incredible than her debut album back in 2021. She’s also currently embarking on her first ever headline tour and absolutely crushing it.”

17. Pollyanna

Recommended songs: “Relationship Anxiety,” “Mars,” and “SLUT”

New Jersey based punk band Pollyanna released their highly anticipated album Slime via I Surrender Records last year. It’s a record that balances grungier influences with vulnerable moments. These songs catchy as fuck, plus they’re about things like sex positivity (especially in the LGBTQ community), finding your footing when surrounded by disingenuous people, or being led on and lied to by someone you can’t quite let go of. It’s a raw and engaging record from start to finish. They just finished off touring with bands like Pinkshift, Jhariah, and Honey Revenge. And in even better news, the band will be touring with Plain White T’s across the United States in January and February. An even better reason to listen to them this winter season.

We made a Spotify playlist with all of the artists listed above!

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