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Review: Scene Queen’s Debut EP ‘Bimbocore’

After becoming popular through TikTok and releasing music with accompanying music videos, Scene Queen released her EP Bimbocore on April 29. This features three new songs and three of the singles that were released in the past year.

1. “Bring It On”

Run Time: 1:39

This is a perfect introduction to the EP both musically and lyrically. With a distorted voice, she sings “I’m messy, I’m edgy / They hate that I’m heavy / I’m thriving, can’t stop me!”, repeating it. These lyrics must be referencing how some people perceive her image, not being used to a feminine image with heavier music.

2. “Pretty in Pink”

Run Time: 2:33

Pretty in Pink was released as a single in 2021, and with over two million streams, it earned a place on the track-list. During the song’s chorus, she repeats the phrase “Pretty in pink” while screaming, the guitar and drums are heavy. As for the verses, there is a fast-paced beat behind the lyrics, giving the song dimension, and keeping it interesting.

3. “Pink Bubblegum”

Run Time: 2:23

Scene Queen said that this song and the accompanying music video are about taking over the record label and beginning to fight misogyny in the alternative music scene. “I’m about to pop your music bubble / I’ll be pickin’ fights, gonna get in trouble / Label said to watch the way I talk, but / I’m about to pop / Fucking pop off!”

Musically, this song sounds similar to “Pretty in Pink”, but it is not a bad thing. Towards the outro, there is a sample of Scene Queen screaming faintly, which is a nice accent.

4. “Pink Panther”

Run Time: 2:22

This song is the most musically creative song on this EP. The highlight is the saxophone, playing a part of the original “Pink Panther” theme song. This is the most musically unique track combining a saxophone with heavy guitar and drums but also using a backbeat during the verses.

5. “Pink Rover”

Run Time: 1:58

Pink Rover is the most played song with over six million streams. The music is similar to the previous songs, but that is not the reason for its popularity. The lyrics are about the anger towards male catcallers. The chorus is “Pink rover, pink rover / Please send the coward over / And if that bastard whistles / Put a knife up to his boner / Cut him”.

6. “Pink Paper”

Run Time: 2:13

The last song on the EP, “Pink Paper” is a beautiful ending. The sample of water bubbling and the effects on her voice during the last verse made this song different than the others. The sample was used during the verse “4-20 on the clock / pink bottles poppin’ off,” which I adored.

After waiting months for Scene Queen to release a collection of songs, I feel like this is the perfect introduction to her career, and has only made me more excited to see how her music will evolve.

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