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Rival Sons Performs In Minnesota On June 10

Rock band, Rival Sons, stopped at the Fillmore in Minneapolis on June 10 on their DARKFIGHTER Tour. The tour is in promotion of the release of their new album of the same name that dropped on June 2. This was my sixth time catching the band and they truly never disappoint.

Starcrawler opened the night with one of the most high energy sets I have ever witnessed. Lead singer, Arrow de Wilde, hyped up the crowd with her shrieking vocals, head-banging, and playful stage banter. Guitarist, Henri Cash, also brought the energy, at one point running off stage only to appear on the balcony moments later. He hooked up his cord and continued shredding as he made his way through the aisles. This tour is promoting their new album, She Said, that was released in the fall of last year. I saw many new fans grab shirts and vinyls from their brightly lit merch table after their set. They will definitely have an audience the next time they stop by Minneapolis!

Next up was The Black Angels. Though a slightly different approach than Starcrawler, their hypnotic, psychedelic version of rock and roll continued the evening spectacularly and left fans wanting more when they left the stage. They also released an album last year titled, Wilderness of Mirrors, and you should definitely check it out if you’re a rock fan of any kind.

Finally it was time for the Rival Sons to take the stage. Though they were nearly a half an hour late, they left nothing to be desired as they opened their set with “Mirrors” off of Darkfighter and followed it immediately with two of their most popular songs, “Do Your Worst” and “Electric Man”. I found myself singing along as I made my way around the photo pit to capture lead singer, Jay Buchanon’s, energy and guitarist, Scott Holiday’s, stunning solos.


The Black Angels

Rival Sons

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