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St. Lucia And Bayonne Perform On November 9 In Houston, TX

There’s a beauty in the stillness of a crowd before a show— a beauty that Bayonne and St. Lucia took on work such grace and energy in Houston, Texas.

On a Wednesday evening, Texas Native, Bayonne took the stage at Warehouse Live, providing the audience with his crisp sounds and intricate layers of his transcending music. Following Bayonne, the crowd warmly welcomed St. Lucia to propel us through the evening.

With their electropop and new wave sound, the venue lit up in dancing and singing along to front man Jean-Philip Grobler as he lead the crowd through top favorites and intimate moments. From watching the venue transform from a calm open floor to a dancing filled, jubilant, packed room, there was not a patron who didn’t leave singing. Bayonne and St. Lucia made Warehouse Live the one place to be on a random evening, in the very middle of the week.


St. Lucia

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