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The Best Music Of 2022… So Far

Your favorite team at For The Punks is celebrating the half way mark of 2022 with a collection of our favorite music so far. We’ve done a post like this in past year and had to do it again!

Including Harry Styles, Anklebiter, Magnolia Park, Charlotte Sands, Mint Green, No Pressure, Mistine, The Summer Set, and more, this list of the perfect representation of 2022 favorites so far and what we are looking forward to for the second half of the year. We hope you are just as excited as we are! Enjoy!

Graphic by Olivia Chavez

After talking to a handful of our team members, the most popular response was Harry Styles’ album Harry’s House. None of our team members agreed on just one favorite song, everyone responded with something different. This album was released on May 20 of this year and was largely written and recorded during 2020 and 2021. It’s been noted as Styles’ most introspective work.

Emma Agosta says that her favorite song from the album is “Satellite.” She says, “This album truly is the perfect kick-off to summer. I can’t wait to roll the windows down in my car and jam out to this album on repeat. My favorite song would have to be Satellite because it just is groovy and the beat drop during the bridge is everything. I can’t wait to hear him sing it live at the end of the summer.”

Jasmine’s favorite song from the album is “Love Of My Life” and she says, “For me, that song instantly reminds me of all the people I love and how much my relationship to music means to me.”

Jade Ivy shares that “Good listen throughout, sounds different from his other releases. It seems like Harry Styles is maturing emotionally with his music” and that their favorite song from the album is “Cinema.”

Christ’s favorite album of the year is Harry’s as well because of “Vocally impressive, the lyricism…” and her favorite song from the album is “Daylight.”

Harry's House Album Artwork

Along with Harry’s album, our contributors shared a diverse list of other favorites including Charlotte Sands, Pinkshift, Maggie Lindemann, GAYLE, Scene Queen, Valley, Anklebiter, flor, Holly Hebe, Cheem, Magnolia Park, Soul Glo, End It, Squint, and more!

For favorite EPs, Emma Agosta’s favorite release of the year so far is Charlotte Sands’ Love And Other Lies. Emma says, “Charlotte is definitely a standout up-and-coming female artist in the pop punk/rock genre.”

Emma also shares, “Maggie Lindemann is one of my favorite artists, and I’ve been following her for years. It is amazing to finally see her release music that she is passionate about. I’d recommend listening to her new song “How Could You Do This To Me” that features Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens.”

Angelo also shares that one of his favorite releases of the year was this EP. He says, “Charlotte’s alt-pop sound mixed with pop-punk influences is a recipe for a good time. From her high energy songs to her slower tunes, there’s something that’s so tantalizing about her vocals. Even with a short track list of seven songs, this release has so much to offer.”

Along with Charlotte Sands’ release, Angelo is loving the EP from GAYLE. He says, “a study of the human experience volume one/GAYLE This is GAYLE’s first collection of work that she’s released. It’s no secret that GAYLE is an incredible vocalist but at only 17 years old she has incredible power and repeatability in her lyrics.”

Kirsten Newbrough shared with us that her favorite album of the year so far is Future Shine by flor, “The album itself is a beautiful cohesive piece of art that feels like the perfect summer morning full of possibilities. Each song stands out when played alone, but they sound better together which is fairly uncommon in the world of social media and single releases.”

She also loves the EP from Valley. Kirsten says, “Valley’s Last Birthday (The After Party)- They released the deluxe version of the EP from 2021. The extra songs add to the overall listening experience and more emotional than the previous edition. It also inspired the title of their first headline tour that I covered in February!”

Dylan shared his favorite music of the year so far with us as well. When it comes to his favorite album, he loves The Home Team’s album Slow Bloom. Dylan says, “This album is such a breath of fresh air. There is truly nothing like it. It hits hard but also grooves the whole time.”

Dylan also shared some love for No Pressure. He says, “No Pressure put out their first album this year and its absolutely perfect. If you like old The Story So Far, then give this a listen for sure! (This is Parker Cannons new band).”

Pinkshift by LA Rodgers

Emma Bick shared her favorite album of the year with us. It’s Joywave’s album Cleanse. Emma shared a quote about her favorite song from the album “After Coffee”, “I love the lyrics in this song. It is reflective (in some ways) of how I’ve felt before, so I’ve really connected with it.”

Emma is also a big fan of Tonight Alive and shares, “I am hoping to potentially see more from Tonight Alive this year. They’ve spoken a little bit about coming back recently, and things sounded like they’d been being planned for a little bit. Seems very promising!!”

Emily Kaufman’s favorite album of the year is The Death of Peace of Mind by Bad Omens. Her favorite track from the record is the album’s title, which is track four. Emily shares, “The album from start to finish is a cinematic masterpiece. Bad Omens has managed to create a story within the songs that seems like a movie. The band’s dedication to their craft shows through in this album. I have not had a single day this year where I haven’t played at least one song from the album.”

Emily also shared with us that another notable release so far this year is the album f.e.a.r. by Stand Atlantic.


TJ shared that their favorite album of the year so far is Underoath’s Voyeurist, which was released in January. TJ’s favorite song from the album is “Hallelujah.”

About the album, TJ shares, “Every single song on the album is fun to listen too and Hallelujah specifically goes so hard live.”

Along with a shoutout to Underoath, TJ shared some love for Florida based pop-punk band Magnolia Park. TJ says, “Heart Eater by Magnolia Park is my favorite EP of the year so far because every single song on it is well written and fun to listen to. Magnolia Park are on the come up for sure and are gonna be huge.”

Jade Jones’, one of For The Punks’ newest contributors shared her favorite music with us! Jade shares that Malevolence’s album is her favorite release of the year so far, “It’s heavy but always groovy and guaranteed to get you moving.”

One of the most notable releases of the year so far has been the releasing of Mistine’s original music. She first got her start as Conan Gray’s bassist. She released her debut single on March 24. She followed up this release with her debut EP on June 30. Mistine’s unassuming charm is what makes her work just so welcoming; in her own words, “I want my fans to feel like they’re my best friends.”

Along with Mistine’s release, we are loving the debut demo of Northeast Straight Edge band Anklebiter and the newest single from Baltimore based band Pinkshift. We’re hoping to hear more from both bands very soon!

Anklebiter by Monicque DeOliveria

Enjoyed hearing about our favorites of the year? Be sure to check out the playlist that we put together of 50 songs, including all of the artists and songs mentioned above (and more)! We hope you can find a new favorite artist and/or album to take with you to the second half of 2022. Keep updated with For The Punks on social media to get daily music recommendations! We will be doing another recap of favorites at the end of the year as well.

Want to share your favorite 2022 music with us? Comment below!

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