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The Ethereal Sounds Of flor Have Returned

After coming off a huge tour with The Maine where nearly every show was sold out, flor released “Warm Blood Pt 2,” a follow up to one of flor’s biggest hits “Warm Blood.”

flor is an indie-pop band from Hood River, Oregon who formed in 2014. After a breakout tour with Halsey in 2015, they were later signed by Fueled by Ramen. flor has been making waves in the indie-pop community for years with their ethereal sounds and storytelling that is competitive to none. I just want to put on a flowy skirt and frolic through the woods whenever I listen to them. The band is comprised of Zach Grace (vocals, guitar), Dylan Bauld (bass), and Kyle Hill (drums)

photo by Paige MacDonald

Zach described the making of the song as, “When we got together to start working on ‘Warm Blood Pt 2’ we were trying to make a song that felt as euphoric as ‘Warm Blood’ did when we played it live. We wanted to compose a new song with that inspiration in mind. It didn’t dawn on us that the perfect name for the song was ‘Warm Blood Pt 2’ until we were all singing together around Thanksgiving and talking about how perfectly the songs fit together. The lyrics even tied themselves perfectly to the consequence of a choice made in the video game that heavily inspired ‘Warm Blood.’ It’s about the collateral damage of love.”

I have been lucky enough to see flor in concert and to meet them. Hearing their music live is truly an experience. Not only is Zach’s voice purely angelic, but their energy is truly something that can be compared to none. Zach came down into the crowd during “Big Shot” and even gave me a hat that said ‘Big Shot’ on it for having the most energy in the crowd. My group and I ended up giving them bracelets and got to say hello after the show was over. When I say they deserve all of the love and praise they continue to receive, they genuinely deserve it.

One of the first songs I heard from flor did happen to be “Warm Blood” and I immediately downloaded it. Watching them progress as a band and find such a unique sound that, although it is ever changing, still has roots planted that will always carry their ethereal presence. When listening to “Warm Blood Pt 2” you can feel the constant push and pull that relationship often have.

“Can it get any better than? You got me locked in. Watching you moving in circles. Your body surrounds me. I swear I’d drop everything for you. Hand to my heart, but torn apart.”

I believe these lyrics really encompass what the meaning of the song is. Sometimes you just get so wrapped up and lost within another human that you begin to lose yourself. It can be extremely hard to find a balance between love and living. If you haven’t yet, go stream flor’s new song “Warm Blood Pt 2” and make sure to connect with them through their website here. Also, if you get the chance to see them live, buy the ticket. You will not regret it.

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