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The Frights Make Their Way to Portland, OR 

On February 28, I had the pleasure of photographing The Frights at their performance at Portland, Oregon’s Aladdin Theater. Every performer was amazing and full of energy, which left the audience anticipating the next band to take the stage. The first band to perform was called Ricky. These guys were the kindest folks I’ve ever met at a concert; they heard me discussing band portraits with the other openers and asked me to take one for them. It was fantastic that I could meet with them after the event and shoot some photos for them. Mustard Service took the stage next, and they truly engaged the audience with their rendition of “Happy Birthday” to a fan. This fired up the crowd, preparing them for The Frights, the next band to take the stage. 
When the band took the stage, the audience went crazy, and they immediately started joking around and engaging with them. Naturally, the guitarists halted whatever they were doing when someone requested them to take a BeReal on someone else’s phone. Their set list featured a good balance of both older and current songs, along with slower songs and fast heavier songs to draw in many audiences. All in all, it was an incredible show, and I wholeheartedly endorse seeing them.


Mustard Service

The Frights

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