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The Ivy Plays Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Oklahoma indie-pop band The Ivy stopped by Skyway Theater in Minneapolis on September 6 and delivered an intimate and incredible show. The band is currently in the middle of an extensive run of the United States spanning both coasts. The tour follows the release of their single “Tower of Terror” back in April. With a second single dropping on September 15, rumor has it a new album is on the way. The Ivy commissioned two Minneapolis local bands, Tricksy and Lovehouse, to open the evening, both of which played amazing sets that helped create the mood for the evening. 

First up was Tricksy. Though this was my first time catching Tricksy together, several members play in other bands in the Minneapolis scene, so I had high expectations. It’s safe to say that they did not disappoint. Their loud and well-dialed tone bordered on Midwest emo, a sound that I am loving right now, especially as we enter the fall season. I would definitely recommend checking them out, Minneapolis local or not. 

Next was Lovehouse. Despite some technical difficulties, the band managed to raise the energy in the room even higher, blending an almost psychedelic sound with classic rock and roll. By the time they finished their set, the crowd was ready for The Ivy to take the stage. 

After much anticipation, it was finally time. The members of the Ivy took the stage to an eerie soundtrack that matched the dramatic lighting perfectly. Accompanied by several devoted fans in the audience, The Ivy blasted their way through their set delivering classics while also providing some sneak peaks of their new sound. They truly know how to put on a show! If that sounds at all like a good time to you, there are still plenty of dates left to catch in the coming months. Go see The Ivy!



The Ivy

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