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Classic 2000’s Alternative Band The Plain White T’s Grace Minneapolis on February 13 With Pollyanna

A Tuesday night at the Fine Line in Minneapolis proved to be an alternative lover’s dream as the Plain White T’s made a stop on their “Fired Up” North American Tour. The band best known for their 2007 and 2010 hits, “Hey There Delilah” and “Rhythm of Love,” recently released a new self-titled album that proves that they are still able to dominate the industry.

Opening up the evening was punk-rock band, Pollyanna. Though not a choice I would normally pair with The Plain White T’s, the band was absolutely incredible. Despite lead singer Jill Becket’s recently sustained injury, they were able to provide one of my favorite sets of the year so far all the while seated in a chair. I can think of no other way to describe Pollyanna’s set than raw energy and incredible talent. Each member brought something unique to the table with stunning vocals, perfectly choreographed guitar riffs, punching bass lines, and high-intensity percussion. The four-piece released a single titled, “pathetic (demo)”, back in September and I am hoping that means some more music is on the way this year. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them, and you should too!

After an amazing set from Pollyanna, the audience waited for the Plain White T’s to take the stage. Just as the lights started to go out, a voice resonated from the speakers announcing that the audience could help choose the setlist for the night. I watched as every single fan around me excitedly pulled out their phones and inputted their selections. Finally, once everyone had returned their phone to their pockets, the Plain White T’s took the stage and cheers resounded from the audience. The entire setlist was a perfect mix of old and new, and of course, featured the fans’ selections that were unique to the Minneapolis show. There are still just a few dates left on the “Fired Up” tour. If you were alive during 2007, you absolutely cannot miss it. The Plain White T’s still bring it every single time.


Plain White T's

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