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The Resurgence of Pop-Punk Continues with LØLØ

Toronto-based artist LØLØ is your favorite 2000s pop-punk artist reincarnated.

Her music appeals to a generation that grew up listening to artists like Avril Lavigne or Paramore. It’s heartbreaking, emotional, and angsty—but you can’t help but dance.

LØLØ’s latest project is a six track EP titled overkill.

Overkill was written not only in the midst of her 20s, but under the weight of a global pandemic.

The artist described her EP in a straightforward, yet ironic way. “Armed with what seemed like an endless well of inspiration, including killing many plants and relationships, falling for people I shouldn’t, etc, I felt lost, lonely, and pathetic.”

The music videos to the tracks “u look stupid” and “die without u” continued to embrace pop-punk aesthetically with an array of fishnets, chunky boots, oversized pants, and chains.

"Overkill" Artwork

Along with an EP, she released an album—Sweater Collection—in May 2019.

The album’s title track was inspired by a pile of hoodies and crewnecks. She said, “I realized I had acquired a ‘sweater collection.’ I figured, I can’t be the only one? So I wrote a song about it.”

LØLØ is consistently writing catchy lyrics that don’t take themselves too seriously; this is evident in the jabs and subtle humor in her songs. She adopted a style that’s authentic and open but witty.

Her music is for the heartbroken and the nostalgic.

Look no further for your new favorite breakup anthems. Make sure to stream overkill, Sweater Collection, and more by LØLØ and connect with her on social media!

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