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They May Be Hotel Fiction, But Their Talent Is Real

Hotel Fiction joined a crowd of old and new fans alike on a Thursday night at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center for a rocking, energetic performance. Regardless of the Stage on Herr’s intimate setting, Hotel Fiction played with the passion and enthusiasm of artists on a stadium tour, while simultaneously bringing a personal, down-to-earth atmosphere that created an undeniably fun and vibrant environment. 

I spoke to some fans (who even made the band bracelets!) before the show. Their review of the band both musically and personally was resoundingly positive, noting, “They’re just really nice people! They make everyone feel good and feel safe.” When asked their favorite songs, they recommended “Soft Focus” and “Instead of Us”.

It’s nice to know that sometimes meeting your idols is everything you hoped. I was fortunate enough to speak with and photograph Jade and Jess before their set, and I can tell you that not only is their music well worth a listen, the individuals behind the art are worthy of your praise as well.

Hotel Fiction

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