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Truth Cult Gets Honest With ‘Walk The Wheel’ Album Release 

This group, this album, it makes me think of if Scott’s band from Scott Pilgrim Versus the World had a hardcore phase. There’s something old and grungy about what Truth Cult is doing that I really vibe with. The songs are short sweet and to the point, and there are enough of them that make this a full release without being overwhelming or too many songs (yes, I think there is such a thing). The group consists of Paris Roberts (vocals), Emily Ferrara (bass/vocals) Ian Marshall (guitar), Robin Zeijlon (drummer and Michael French (guitar).

Photo by Skylar Watkins

The Baltimore, Maryland natives describe the process of creating Walk The Wheel, released in March of 2023, as ‘fun’, but there’s an underlying element of seriousness, which is prevalent and coincides with some of the themes in the various tracks (grief, drug use, etc.). Produced by Jawbox’s J. Robbins (post-hardcore legend) and released via Pop Wig Records, the band gave 110%, and being that this was done during the height of the pandemic, it’s easily respectable and positively dripping with swagger and finesse with a rock attitude.

My personal favorite song on this release is “Clearskin”; the indie-like tune makes me smile, but the slight heaviness (thanks to a strike of inspiration from Judist Preist) makes me smile even more. It’s a strange phenomenon, but easily enjoyable. According to Ian, they recorded this track 4+ years ago but “it didn’t quite sound right”. I’d say it definitely sounds right about now.

I look forward to hearing more from this ensemble.

You can catch them next on August 12 at the Marquis in Denver, Colorado. If you can’t make the show in person, check out the video below from a hometown performance they had in July 2022.

Truth Cult is for fans of Embrace, Lungfish, Give, ATDI.

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