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A night to remember, Waterparks brought THE SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN TOUR to Boston, Massachusetts last week. With support from Sophie Powers and Loveless, fans were in for an incredible evening at MGM Music Hall. Sophie Powers’ opening set was super energetic. After messaging Sophie earlier in the day, a fan was even invited on stage to sing with the band. Loveless took the stage shortly after with lead singer Julian sporting a Red Sox jersey. Their set had a lot of great upbeat songs and included some covers that the crowd really got into.

A quick set change happened before Waterparks came out for their headliner. Fans on the barricade were ecstatic after waiting overnight for their favorite band to perform. Throughout the show, Awsten Knight had many humorous interactions with the crowd including wearing a shirt with a silly slogan on it, almost calling a fan’s boss to put in her two weeks, and pointing to people sitting at tables on the balcony. Behind the band was an elaborate set filled with doorways, props, and screens that changed during each song. Overall, the show was incredibly entertaining and unforgettable as a whole. Check out the tour if it hasn’t hit your city set and stream their newest album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY now!

Sophie Powers



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