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Wreckage Takes the Stage in Hamden, CT

So I did it, I took the three hour drive to Connecticut to see Wreckage this weekend! The shop in Hamden, Connecticut is a great spot and am excited to see more shows there.  Opening the show was Hudson Valleys’ own Quiet, their new EP Talk is Cheap just came out on Boneshaker Records and I basically played it over and over again on my drive home. They have a good energy and stage presence and overall I just really enjoyed their set. 

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Broken Vow play live and, damn, I always forget how fun their sets are. The crowd loves them and seeing them play in Connecticut always just hits different. They have a new LP coming out September 29th with Triple B called Athropocene and I have gotten an early listen and I put it on while I’m at the gym and it pushes me through my workout. 

Combust and Wreckage just finished a 10 show run together and with the final date being last weekend in Connecticut. Combust is textbook NYHC they have high energy and are just having a fun time

Wrapping up the night with Connecticut’s own Wreckage and they killed it like I knew they would. If Wreckage is playing within a 3-hour driving radius, it’s worth it and you should get to the gig. 


Broken Vow



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